CARL MARTIN GmbH which is renowned throughout the world for knives, scissors and surgical instruments is located in the town of SOLINGEN and was founded in 1916.

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Even since then, Carl Martin have concentrated on manufacturing and distributing high-grade instruments for dentistry.     

Our more than 95 years of experience in raw materials, development, processing and the requirements for daily use in hospitals, practices and laboratories have made us one of the world´s leading manufacturers of dental instruments.    

The new and further development of products under our own control or together with leading practitioners/dental centers etc., both domestically and internationally, have given our company a reputation for being an innovative and market-orientated supplier.    

We will continue to concentrate and focus on the same matters in future.

CARL MARTIN GmbH – Solingen



The orthodontic pliers are manufactured using the best- quality materials and computer-aided machines (CNC processing = computerised numerical control). This makes for extremely precise fabrication with the lowest possible tolerance range. This permits you, as the user, to use this continuously for the intended area of application. 


We have formulated specifications pertaining to the use of the wires and ligatures involved for each product (to the extent that this is necessary). 


There is a marking on the pliers themselves that specifies the max. wire thickness to be used. 

The use of wires that are too thick (i.e. wrong) can occasionally result in fractures to the hard metal inlays (TC). Please note that we undertake no guarantees in such instances. 

Please note that all instruments equipped with a mechanical hinge (all plier variants) are to be oiled on a temporary basis. For this purpose, we recommend our special instrument oil (item no. 990).

RH Material tempering (Rock Hard)
Diffusion coating (tempering) of instrument tips with a hardness grade of approx. 70 HRC. The tempering penetrates (diffuses) into the material and constitutes a firm bond. Removal, such as is effected in simple coating or TC inlay, is thus impossible. Furthermore, the material is very hard, so that the work part cannot evince appreciable wear and tear or warping. 

(computer-aided design and manufacturing)

  • high-quality, stainless steel
  • partially with TC (hard metal) inlays
  • special screw connections for high stability. lightweight, ergonomic model design
  • matt-finished surface design 
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* Our offers are aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs such as orthodontic specialists, dentists and specialist dealers. We do not conclude contracts with consumers. All prices are plus the costs for legally applicable sales tax and shipping.