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In the Multiband Treatment it is essential to cut the excess wire coming out of the Molar tube at its distal end when changing the arch wires. The Distal End Cutter with safety hold is the necessary instrument (it holds the cut portion of wire with its built-in safety holding design). Different plier designs of various manufacturers are available on the market. They differ in the length of the handles, sizes and the type of safety hold. In addition, plier types with so-called “Flush Cut” function are effectively applied in orthodontics. Compared with standard plier types which due to the design leave an excess wire length of 1-2mm after cutting, this exceptional “Flush Cut” design permits to cut arch wires flush to the buccal tube leaving no protrusions.

Cutting edges are subject to wear and should be regularly sharpened.

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These cutting pliers allow an easy separation of the wire ligatures between the bracket wings. The fine cutting jaws (fine tips) and their 15° angular offset enable an easy access to the wire ligatures. The inserted cutting edges are designed for cutting soft ligature wires up to .015” (it can vary, depending on the plier type). If hard wires are accidentally cut or the bracket wings are clamped when cutting the ligatures, one of the carbide inserted tips will break. These cutters are repairable.

Cutting edges are subject to wear and should be regularly sharpened

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