Torque Plier A

Product number: HSL 4247-13 A


Delivery time: 5 - 7 Days

HSL 4247-13 A  

Torque Plier A
125 mm / 4-7/8 inch,  sterilizable

Torquing Plier Set

Torques archwires accurately without distortion to the remaining wire. No
need for different sized torquing keys.
• for square and rectangular wire up to max. 0,56 x 0,70 mm / .022" x .028 “

Set consisting of 2 pliers HSL 4247-13 A and HSL 4247-13 B – the pliers can also be ordered individually

All torque pliers now with TORQUE INDICATOR.  With the left and right sides lasered TORQUE INDICATOR you can estimate the torque value of 0° to 15° marked in the wire arches. The TORQUE INDICATOR increases the precision in the practice.

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