A Worldwide Focus on Quality

Hu-Friedy is based in Chicago and has been privately managed by the Saslow family since 1959.

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Today we employ over 700 talented and committed employees in more than 25 countries — including our production facilities in Chicago and Shanghai, China; our distribution centers in Des Plaines, Illinois, and Tuttlingen, Germany; and our additional offices in Japan, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.


Worldwide, our products are sold in more than 95 countries. Our mandate for excellence is company-wide. Only at Hu-Friedy will you find more than 300 artisans meticulously handcrafting instruments in a modern manufacturing facility. Only here are employees personally responsible for the quality of their work and each other’s. We believe that our success is the result of both our company’s commitment to excellence and the dedication and pride of our highly skilled instrument craftspeople, management and staff.


A Legacy of Innovation

Since the Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company was founded in 1908 by Hugo Friedman, we have proudly collaborated with private practitioners, dental schools and leading educators to develop new technologies, innovative designs and quality products that are synonymous with value and performance. Because of our reputation for industry leadership, dental experts have been turning to Hu-Friedy with their cutting-edge ideas for over a hundred years. From our inception, we have been committed to education and developing relationships with students. At the core is our commitment to helping our customers perform at their best and to improve lives through better dentistry. From student to practitioner, Hu-Friedy is proud to be an important part of our customers’ professional lives. 

Since 1908, Hu-Friedy has been putting the highest quality, most innovative dental products in the hands of dental professionals worldwide. And today as one of the world’s leading dental instrument companies, we continue our commitment to advancing dental performance by supporting these products with world class service, support, education and peer communities. We’re committed to making sure the best perform that way.

Hu-Friedy. How the best perform.


Production Of Superior Precision

The process is demanding and complex; as many as 30 different operations may be needed to produce a single Hu-Friedy Orthodontic instrument.

Orbit Formed Joint Process

Precision machined components combined with our exclusive orbit forming process create a smooth working hinge without shims, and keep instrument tips in proper alignment. With regular lubrication joints will work smoothly for years.

Comfort Areas

Instruments are designed and finished so that areas that routinely come in contact with soft tissue are smoothed to ensure maximum comfort for your patients.

Immunity Steel®

Hu-Friedy uses only high quality forged steel with an optimal blend of chromium and carbon combined with exclusive processing to create an instrument that will not corrode under proper use and care.

Satin Steel Finish

All Hu-Friedy Orthodontic instruments are 100% solid stainless steel and are hand finished to a satin luster. In addition to corrosion resistance this non-glare surface is easy to clean and will always look great.

Ergonomic Design

The size, shape, handle length, and weight are optimum for comfort and confidence. Longer handles for larger hands are available in some pliers.

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