Product Label Symbols

Catalog Number / "Reference"

This symbol immediately precedes the part number of the product.

Batch Code / "Lot"

This symbol immediately precedes the lot number of the product. G&H uses this for part traceability.

Authorised Representative in the European Community / "EU Rep"

This symbol immediately precedes the name of our representative within the member states.

Do Not Reuse / "Single Use Only"

Devices with this symbol are intended for single use.

Use By / "Hourglass"

This symbol identifies that the part has a "Use by" date. The part should be used prior to the date located next to this symbol. Date format YYYY-MM, i.e. 2013-11.

Manufacturer / "Filled Factory"

Symbol for Manufacturer. May also include the date of manufacture in date format YYYY-MM.

Manufactured Date / "Open Factory"

Date of manufacture listed under or beside this symbol in YYYY-MM format. Note: Used only when the "filled factory" symbol is not present.

Consult Instructions for Use / "IFU Book"

For products with additional instructions inside the package.

Non-Sterile / "Non-Sterile Triangle"

Not Used: G&H products are sold non-sterile.

Nickel and/or Chromium warning

Caution: Product contains Nickel and/or Chromium. To alert of the potential for allergic reactions to these known allergens.


For use or distribution by orthodontic professionals only. Dieses Symbol gibt an, dass das Produkt nur von kieferorthopädischem Fachpersonal angewandt werden darf.

Datmatrix / "Barcode"

Manufacturer code use to contain traceability data of the particular part.

CE Mark

European Conformance to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

CE Class II

Used with the CE mark, the numbers provide reference to our Notified Body.


See additional symbols / Instructions for use.


Caution: package contains sharp object.

Doc. No. - REF.IN.75.11.03.B
Effective Date: April 5, 2016

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