Maximum Cure Sealant A with Fluoride 20 g

Product number: MC20AF

Kleber, Bonding

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20gm Maximum Cure Sealant Part A

Maximum Cure® :

The traditional self cure bonding agent does not totally polymerize due to oxygen inhibition. Consequently, it is rinsed away at the conclusion of the appliance bonding procedure leaving exposed etched enamel unprotected.

This sealant will set in a thin layer. A unique catalyst system prevents oxygen interference during polymerization. The whole labial or lingual tooth surface can be sealed.

Sealant is formulated with a patented fluoride monomer.

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Chemical Cure System - No curing Light Required :

With Maximum Cure Sealant, multiple teeth can be sealed in the time it would take to cure one tooth with a light cure material.

Also Available: Maximum Cure Filled Sealant for longer lasting protection.




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