M5™ Thermal NiTi Lingual Arches

Lingual Archwires - Preformed

Precision Manufactured By G&H® Orthodontics

G&H® proudly introduces a comprehensive line of Lingual Archwires developed to meet the challenging mechanics of modern lingual treatment. Archforms are designed and adapted precisely to lingual anatomy. Various alloys are offered to maximize treatment efficiencies in the narrow interbracket dimensions of lingual orthodontic treatment.

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Nickel Titanium lingual wires are available in .010, .013, .016 G4™ NiTi for early engagement. M5™ (Thermal) NiTi wires in .016, .016x.022, .017x.017 or .017x.025 allow transitional sequencing. G4™ and M5™ Lingual Wires are produced in the popular “mushroom” shape lingual archform. Three anterior sizes in both uppers and lowers ensure a proper fit.

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