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Q-uality 3D passive SL Brackets

MBT + Roth, .018" Slot + .022" Slot

Q-uality 4D passive SL Brackets .022" Slot

Low-, Middle- und High Torque

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1. New Clip Design

This innovative mechanism guarantees a safe sliding of the clip and eliminates any tilting. The clip moves more gentle and the interlocking system is more stable. Opening and closing are very easy and safe for reliable wire changes. This clip design effectively reduces the friction between the bracket and the archwire, developing an orthodontic system with permanently low friction.

2. Vertical Slots

This modern slot system is designed in order to enable the insertion of drop-in-hooks. Depending on the clinical requirements, the practitioner can include or remove the hooks if desired.

3. MIM - Metal Injection Molded

Ensures highest precision and stability using 17-4 stainless steel raw material in MIM technology.

4. Patient Comfort

Extreme smooth surface and the rounded contour feature enhance the desired comfort and improve the sliding mechanics.

5. 80 Gauge Mesh Bonding Base

Bonding base with proven 80 gauge mesh. By using CAD technology a perfect contouring of the base is achieved which provides a maximum contact and a strong, consistent bond.

6. Easy Wire Changes

Easy and quick wire changes will be done by 90° rotation for opening the clip and closing with gentle finger pressure. The necessary instrument is included in the delivery free of charge.


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