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NEW - Quality 7 D passive SL Bracket .022", rounded shape

MBT + Roth, High, Middle, Low Torque, Drop-in Hook,

Quality 6 D passive SL Brackets

MBT + Roth, High, Middle, Low Torque .022" slot, fixed hook

 Q-uality 4D passive SL Brackets .022" Slot

Low- , Middle and High Torque, Drop-in-Hook

 Q- uality 3D passive SL Brackets

MBT + Roth, .018" slot + .022" slot, fixed Hook

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Headway Orthodontics has continued to evolve, and persistently invested in research without focusing on the Losing professionalism.

After countless optimizations, Headway now has this new self-ligating  7 D bracket introduced.

Here is a summary of the most important points:

1.     Rounded and smooth shape: The Headway 7D Self-ligating brackets have a rounded and smooth shape is more comfortable to wear and reduces friction on the oral mucosa. Through this Inflammations such as periodontitis, gingivitis and other oral diseases decreased.

2.     Effective power development: Through the curved The shape of the brackets makes external forces from different directions effective distributed. This reduces wear and slipping of the brackets, reduces the number of follow-up examinations and contributes to a more efficient orthodontic process.

3.     Integral curved surface: Unlike Traditional brackets cover the self-ligating brackets from Headway 7D the slot and have a curved shape. This means there are less food leftovers and Bacteria returns, which improves oral hygiene and health.

4.     Self-ligating buccal tube: This Self-ligating buccal tube makes it easier to insert the archwire later bow changes and improves the doctor's efficiency. This allows the Treatment can be made easier.

5.     Five systems: The Headway 7D brackets offer five various techniques - high, middle and low torque, as well as MBT and ROTH .022” slot. This allows the brackets to better suit the needs of the user be adjusted.

6.     Removable hook: The unique removable and movable Drop-in hook allows various intermaxillary and intramaxillary Tractions to meet clinical needs.

7.     Fine engraving and stable adhesion: The brackets have via an 80 mesh adhesive base, which ensures strong adhesion. In addition Laser marking makes tooth identification easier...

This Features make the Headway 7D self-ligating brackets one advanced option for orthodontic treatment.

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