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NEW - Quality 7 D passive SL Bracket .022", rounded shape

MBT + Roth, High, Middle, Low Torque, Drop-in Hook

Quality 6 D passive SL Brackets

MBT + Roth, High, Middle, Low Torque, Drop-in Hook

Q-uality 4D passive SL Brackets .022" Slot

Low-, Middle- and High Torque, Drop-in-Hook

Q-uality 3D passive SL Brackets

MBT + Roth, .018" Slot + .022" Slot, fixed Hook

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 1. new design of the slider guide.

Guarantees the slider to slide securely without jamming. The clip moves more smoothly and the locking system is more stable. Opening and closing is easier and safer every time you change the sheet. The clip design very effectively reduces friction between the bracket and archwire, creating an orthodontic system with permanently low friction.

2. vertical slots

allow the integration of drop-in hooks. The practitioner can place or remove the desired hooks according to clinical requirements.

3. MIM technique

Guarantees highest precision and stability by using the 17-4 stainless steel raw material in MIM technology.

4. patient comfort

Very smooth and rounded edges increase the desired comfort and provide optimized gliding of the arches.

5. 80 Gauge Mesh Base

Adhesive base with proven 80 gauge mesh. The use of CAD technology ensures ideal contouring of the base. It is the prerequisite for a strong adhesive bond.

6. easy sheet change

With a slight 90° rotation to open and a simple finger press to close the clip, the sheet is quickly changed.

A corresponding instrument is included free of charge.