Light Bond™

Available With or Without Fluoride - Light Bond™ :

Paste and Sealant are formulated with a patented monomer that contains fluoride. It is available without fluoride in Push Syringe Only.

 Unsurpassed Bond Strength :

The Light Bond™ Paste is a highly filled material that delivers maximum bond strength in all situations with all types of appliances.

 Smooth Tacky Paste Viscosity:

The viscosity of Light Bond™ Paste is very tacky which prevents bracket flotation. If a thinner paste viscosity is desired for bonding lingual retainers and acrylic appliances, Light Bond™ Thin or Medium Paste is available. Please specify when ordering.

 Total Paste Polymerization Under All Bracket Bases - Light Bond™ :

Comprised of a catalyst and filler that reflects the light to insure complete polymerization under any appliance: metal, ceramic, sapphire or plastic. One the material has been properly cured, an arch wire can be placed immediately.

 Ease of Removal - Light Bond™ :

is a small particle glass filed material designed for orthodontic use that allows maximum penetration of filler into the finest screen mesh base and removal without enamel scarring.

Suggested Uses         

As a Bracket adhesive.

Content Kits:

20g Paste, 2 x 3 cc Sealant Resin, 23 g Liquid Etching Agent, Mixing Pad, Spatulas, Brushes

Adhesives, primers, cements are excluded from exchange/return due to their sensitivity.

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