Indirect Bonding

Therma Cure™

Tacky Paste Viscosity - No Bracket Flotation
Unlimited Working Time - For bracket positioning and excess flash cleanup.
Heat Curable - Simply place in a toaster oven for 15 minutes at 160°C/325F 
Highly Filled Composite - Produces maximum bond strength with all metal, ceramic and plastic brackets. Simply bond in mouth with sealant.

Custom I.Q™

is an A & B sealant that is applied to the prepared tooth and custom bracket base without mixing. Simply apply Part A to the custom bracket base and part B to the enamel and seat tray.

Fast Set Time - The indirect tray is held in position for one minute and then passively rests for four additional minutes.

Chemical Cure System - No curing lights required! Bonds to any custom base pad when used with Reliance Plastic Conditioner or Enhance Adhesion Booster

Adhesives, primers, cements are excluded from exchange/return due to their sensitivity.