Retainer Bonding

Flow Tain™ Flow Tain™ L.V and L.C.R.

Flowable light cure composites. These materials are very smooth when cured which will reduce wear and enhance patient comfort.

Cured Composite Flexibility - Flow Tain™ ,Flow Tain™ L.V and  L.C.R.

when cured, have low modulus of elasticity and are not as brittle as conventional composites.

 Flowable Viscosity -

Even though Flow Tain , Flow Tain L.V. and L.C.R. are flowable materials, their thixotropic properties prevent them from slumping for a better control.

Needle Tip Dispenser -

Using the Flow Tain tips provided, these materials are easily injected onto lingual surfaces and across fiber splints.

Suggested Uses:

Lingual Retainer Adhesive

Attachments on thermoplastic tooth aligning products

Splinting material (e.g fibers)

Indirect bonding adhesive

Arch Wire Stops

Adhesives, primers, cements are excluded from exchange/return due to their sensitivity.

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