No Messy Powder-Liquids - Consistently mix viscosity every time.
Bonds to Metal - Band-Lok® - will bond chemically to stainless steel bands and crowns. Removal is all in one piece with cement in the appliance.
Extended Working Time - Four minute working time at room temperature without frozen slab.
Dual Curable - Band-Lok® - is a dual cure cement. It can be used with or without dental curing light. After flash is cleaned a 20-second light activation allows full protection from moisture. Without light activation a complete set is achieved in 10 minutes.

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Ultra Band-Lok® & Ultra Band-Lok® BLUE

Light Cure Cement With or without Fluoride

INDICATIONS FOR USE: Ultra Band-Lok® is intended for use as an orthodontic band cement and for occlusal buildups.

Cements are excluded from exchange/return due to their sensitivity.

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