Long-Term Retainer

Product number: LTR-EX
This product can only be ordered in packaging units of 5 Stück


Extend™ Long-Term Retainer KIT

This lingual retainer wire is used for long term lingual retention, bonded only to the cuspids. Nickel Free, 0.027 titanium molybdenum wire. Easily adapted to lingual contours of the teeth. Unique, flattened and angulated cuspid pads ensure a uniform fit and long term adhesion.

Recommended for use with LCR.

Kit includes 1 x 18mm, 2 x 20mm, 4 x 22mm, 4 x 24mm and 1 x 26 mm Extend TMA Wires. Kit also includes 12 measuring devices. 

LTR - Instructions

LTR Safety Data Sheet

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