Stainless Steel Archwires

Precision engineered and manufactured by G&H in the U.S.A.

  • 304v medical grade stainless steel wire
  • State–of–the–art forming ensures precise archforms
  • Available in 33 archforms or straight lengths

Available options

  • Tooth–Colored
  • Looped Archwires
  • Posted Archwires
  • Single or Bulk Pack
  • Straight lengths and spools
  • Multi–Strand wires
 Each wire lot undergoes continuous & meticulous testing and 100% final inspection so that performance characteristics can be guaranteed.

Force vector

G&H tests* and evaluates every production run of archwires to ensure they meet our stringent performance standards. All results are relative only to G&H brand archwires.

recovery forces

*Tested to ANSI/ADA Specifications #32, Orthodontic Archwires: 2006. Rectangular wires measured on the vertical plane.

* Our offers are aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs such as orthodontic specialists, dentists and specialist dealers. We do not conclude contracts with consumers. All prices are plus the costs for legally applicable sales tax and shipping.